September Update

The launch and conference in December will soon be upon us, and the Estoria team has been hard at work on both the edition and our Impact activities.

The HRI in Sheffield has begun to produce our exhibition and teaching materials. A mockup of the opening page currently (but not for long) looks like this:


Enrique has completed the exhibition materials, and although Lauren has now left us to take on her Final Year, she managed the herculean task of translating most of it into English – so a big thank you from all at the Estoria project.

Enrique is in Spain to continue work on the teaching materials and liaise with schools and archives. Aengus is in the US to make arrangements with the University of Minnesota over their part in the exhibition. He also gave a lecture at the Center for Medieval Studies and had the opportunity to examine the Minnesota manuscript at the James Ford Bell library:


The full manuscript is digitised here. A big thank you to Michelle Hamilton and Marguerite Ragnow and all in Minneapolis for the warm welcome and all of the help offered.

Fiona continues at breakneck pace with the tagging of all the prosopographical data in the Estoria, and we hope to have the first prototypes of the maps and ancillary tools available by mid-September.

Meanwhile, Polly, Christian and Ricardo have been completing the regularised versión primitiva, and the irrepressible Polly and Christian have also been correcting part of the edited text  and the collated text with Aengus. And Zeth is working away on the front end and in particular the presentation of the transcriptions (very preliminary sneak preview below) and collated text.

Edition preview

Back to work…!

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