French Sweets…


Among the (many) positive aspects of being an international team, are… sweets. When I go back to France, I usually take some sweets from England: jelly babies, jelly beans, chocolate from Cadbury World… (I wink to my colleagues from University of Rennes 2, who love chocolate and sweets and always have a small stock of them, hidden from students’ eyes, in the closet of their office). I could not but continue the tradition and bring some French sweets to start our little stock in the 224 Office of the European Research Institute: itchy carambars, Haribo crocodiles and dragibus. I hope they will be a support on long days of transcribing and tagging. Polly and I have already started to enjoy them and there will soon be none left. We expect Aengus and Zeth to visit the office to steal our carambars, we will try to keep a few for Fiona on Thursday… What a pity that Barbara is not here!

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