It has now been six weeks since Marine and I started working with the Estoria de Espanna Digital project, and since we started our PhDs. We have had a busy few weeks reading, making notes, reading some more, making more notes, and occasionally eating a pot noodle or two. Every couple of hours, being English, I offer Marine a tea, but being French she always refuses. As an ex-teacher I am an excellent drinker of tea, always stirred with a dirty spoon.

We have also been having weekly palaeography lessons from Fiona and we have started to try to focus our ideas towards our theses. Bárbara is here in Birmingham this week and she has brought the rain with her. We are both itching to start the transcriptions of the Estoria, but maybe when we tie ourselves in tagging knots we will rethink. Who knows, perhaps Marine may one day accept a cup of tea from me, if only for a break from tagging!

Yours, treading water in academic papers,


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